Dental Implants

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A dental implant is a “root” device, usually made of titanium, used in dentistry to support restorations that resemble a tooth or group of teeth to replace missing teeth.

Virtually all dental implants placed today are root-form endosseous implants, i.e., they appear similar to an actual tooth root (and thus possess a “root-form”) and are placed within the bone (endo- being the Greek prefix for “in” and osseous referring to “bone”). The bone of the jaw accepts and osseointegrates with the titanium post. Osseointegration refers to the fusion of the implant surface with the surrounding bone. This is what makes the implant resemble the look and feel of a natural tooth. Since dental implants fuse with bone and lack the periodontal ligament, however, they will feel slightly different than natural teeth during chewing.

Dr. Leichter has been placing implants longer than any periodontist in Palm Beach County and Dr. Recio continues to train dentists in the latest implant techniques available. Oftentimes, implants today may be placed at the time of tooth removal with essentially no post-operative discomfort for the patient.

Dental implants can be used to support a number of dental prostheses, including crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures. They can also be used as anchorage for orthodontic tooth movement. Contact our office today to see if implants can improve your dental health.

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Potential Advantages of Implants*

  • A look and feel that is much like natural teeth
  • Self-confidence while speaking, eating, and smiling
  • Implants are not susceptible to sensitivity or decay as with natural teeth
  • There's no need to dust down adjacent teeth to support replacement teeth
  • Implants help preserve bone structure and soft tissue levels
  • There's no need to use questionable abutment teeth
  • Implants are securely anchored-no slipping, clicking, movement, or surface adhesives
  • A space between the teeth may be reproduced when necessary
  • A complete set of teeth will not require plastic across the roof of the mouth
  • Implants have an overall 10-year success rate of about 95 percent

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